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Our Services

24-hr emergency service

We know that your research equipment is at the heart of your operation and we take this very seriously. For just a few dollars a week, our service department is available to you 24 hrs a day 7 days a week.


Call us today to find out how you can subscribe to our 24-hour emergency after-hour service.

Equipment we service


Autoclaves / Sterilizers

Amsco, Consolidated, Castle, Tuttnauer, Kuhlman Technologies, Primus Sterilizers, Steris


Baths and Circulators

Caron, FTS Systems, Haake, Lauda, Neslab, Precision, VWR



NuAire, Eppendorf, Heraeus, Hitachi, IEC, Labnet, Sorvall, Julabo


Environmental Chambers

Caron, Bahson, Forma Scientific, Hot Pack, Lunaire, Powers Scientific, Tenney Environmental, Sanyo



Thermo-Forma, Harris, Kelvinator, New Brunswick, Nuaire, Queue, Revco, Thermotron


Freeze Dryers

FTS, Labconco, Virtis


Hoods (Biosafety, Laminar flow, Fume Hoods)

Nuaire, Baker, Thermo, Labconco, Bedcolab, Microzone, Esco



Caron, Thermo-Forma, Haraeus, Hotpack, Labline, Napco, Nuaire, Precsion/Thelco, Queue Systems, Revco, Sanyo, Sheldon



Despatch, Hotpack, Labline, Lindbergh Blue-M, Lunaire, Tenney, Thermolyne


Photostability Chambers

Caron, ESI, TPS, Power Scientific, BlueM, Thermo Bahnson, Sheldon



Thermo-Forma, Fisher, Foster, Panasonic, Revco, Sanyo, VWR



Forma, Labline, New Brunswick, Thermolyne, Thermo



Amsco, Better Built, Forma, Heinicke, Hotpack, Hoplab, Labconco, Lancer, Miele, Northstar, Scientek, Steris



Our technicians will certify:

- Biosafety hoods

- Laminar Flow Hoods

- Chemical Hoods

- Clean Rooms

- Pharmacies (following OPQ norms and USP 797 standards)

- Animal Hoods

The certification service can

also include :



Repair and installation

HEPA filter replacement

Preventative Maintenance

  • Substantial reduction of shutdowns, improving productivity.

  • Minor repairs performed during inspections.

  • On site calibration (NIST traceability) to accompany the maintenance service.

  • Each inspection  documented.

  • Our quality system, ISO 9001:2015, ensures accessibility to all documents for a period of 7 years

  • Short term or long term contracts (1 , 3 years or+) are available.

  • Peace of mind with a full maintenance.

3 years contract benefits:

  1. Reduced labour rate for equipment on contract.

  2. Reduced price on replacement parts for equipment on contract.

  3.  Complimentary replacement of alarm batteries (-80°C freezers).

Monitoring systems
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Traceable Calibration

RD Service Nicram is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that offers NIST traceable calibration services. Your specialized laboratory equipment and systems  are an important part of your operation, make sure they are calibrated regularly by those who understand the complexity of these components.


No need to have your equipment shipped to us, we are equipped to calibrate your equipment on site, with  traceability to national and international standards. You will systematically receive an NIST traceable report and certificate. We keep a copy of your records for a minimum period of 7 years.

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Validation / Qualification / Cartography

'' If it's not documented, it's just a rumor ''

Reduce your project qualification timelines. RD Service Nicram can assist your qualification/validation processes. Equipment installation and qualification is critical to effective process validation.


RD Service's validation department provides a thorough understanding of qualification requirements and wil prepare, execute and complete all qualification tests and present a comprehensive final report.

Satisfies FDA regulation 21 CFR Part 11

Val en


The decontamination service that we offer can part of your routine sterilization or it can be used to prevent  contamination.


Our method consists in injecting a gas, Chlorine Dioxide ClO2, with the use of a gas emission system that will propel the gas in the area meant to be decontaminated. Unlike other methods as vapors for instance, this ClO2 procedure ensures a thorough penetration  to each and every surface within your facility, including microscopic cracks.


Our technicians have been thoroughly trained and  are monitored by our Equipment Decontamination supplier, Clordisys, to develop our expertise to fulfill for multiple customer needs and expectations.

'' From multiple known decontamination substances, the ClO2  is the least corrosive! ''

for more information ->

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Equipment Upgrades and Retrofits

Is your old test chamber no longer able to provide the performance requirements necessary to meet today's test standards? Are the refrigerants used in your chamber's mechanical systems obsolete and no longer commercially available? Do budget restraints prevent you from purchasing new equipment? Why not let the professionals at RD Service Nicram provide you with an estimate to upgrade and retrofit your equipment. Whether your equipment needs new environmentally safe refrigerants or new state of art programmable controls and instrumentation, RD Service can provide the knowledge and expertise to upgrade your old equipment so that it can perform to today's test standards.


RD Service Nicram uses only factory authorised and industry approved parts and components to maintain the manufacturer's current specifications for operation and performance. All retrofits and upgrades performed by RD Service come with a 90 day labour warranty and 1 year waranty on parts.

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